CULTIVATE designory was born out of a desire to work with my hands and a love for the environment. Our signature style is wild and garden inspired with a hint of whimsy. Our daily deliveries are unique and individually made for you with seasonal blooms. 

We have a keen focus on keeping waste to a minimum at CULTIVATE. By recycling all of our boxes and paper goods we cut down on our environmental footprint. All cut stems and leftover floral clippings are composted rather than thrown into landfills. Additionally, all of our bouquets are wrapped in 100% recycled and recyclable kraft paper. A lot of people don't realize how much waste flower shops actually create. From the paper that the flowers are wrapped in, the boxes they're shipped in and the foam that supports them, it all adds up to a big impact in the grand scheme of things. We're proud at CULTIVATE to be able to reduce this and offer floral arrangements that you can feel good about! 

Thank you for stopping by! When you support a small business, you're supporting a dream.