life lately.


last weekend rebekah, benji's cousin, stayed two nights with us and we were able to show her some sites. we went to eat in los feliz at el condor and to bigfoot lodge her first night with us. both were great! then we ventured out to malibu and ended up having dinner in santa monica at blue plate oysterette the next day. it was a good time!


we have been on the hunt for some mid-century modern dining chairs to match our table we got recently and it's been no easy task let me tell you. i've been searching every website i can think of for the perfect chair and it just wasn't happening. so, after rebekah left we decided to head over to the rose bowl flea market to see what we could find. it was a warm, sunny day and although we didn't find any chairs i did leave with a really cool suede fringe purse and a fresh squeezed watermelon lemonade. i was ok with that! 

griffith observatory

chances are if you've been to LA, you've been to the griffith observatory. it's a well known landmark around here and for good reason. we visited it a couple of months ago when we first got here during the day and it was pretty cool. we saw views of the hollywood sign and watched a video in the planetarium. this friday after dinner we decided to drop by just for something to do and boy, it was a great experience. the skyline view at night is breathtaking! it just goes on and on and on. unfortunately we got there too late, but if you have the time there's an amazing telescope that you can stargaze through. the line takes about forty-five minutes to get through, just fyi. 

also, i finally figured out how to get those dreamy light shots like i've always loved! i just love how the colors turned out in these.

the getty 

i had this plan for saturday that we would have this beautiful, lovely picnic on the lawn of the getty museum in LA. well, that didn't happen on account of it looking like the bottom was going to fall out of the sky at any minute combined with the fact that we can never leave our house on time. so we headed over to our favorite little taco stand, fiesta taco in burbank for a small (ok, large) feast. we like to eat.

another LA spot with fantastic skyline views! wow, the getty was a stunning place. the art exhibits were great, but i really enjoyed the architecture and people watching even more. lucky for us i left the picnic blanket in the car since there ended up being a free concert by Cathedrals. all in all, it was a great weekend and i can't wait for many more like this in our new city.

i hope all of you had a wonderful weekend as well!