my beauty must-haves

i don't know about you, but personally, i love to see what real girls have in their makeup / beauty arsenals. i thought i would share a sneak peek into my stash. these are a few of my essentials and the perk? they're all pretty inexpensive. 

almay smart shade lipbutter

this is lipstick for the girl who is afraid of lipstick. aka, me. i love a bright lippy, but i'm intimidated by them at the same time. these provide a sheer coverage with just the right pop of color. they are super moisturizing and feel great on your lips.  i recommend berry light and berry light medium. 

physicians formula eye booster eyeliner + serum

this stuff is just amazing! it gives the most precise line on your upper lid. it takes out all of the guesswork. no dipping a brush into an eyeliner pot or trying to get the tip of the brush at just the right point.  i do recommend an eye shadow primer before applying this. it doesn't have all day hold without a primer. 

VERB leave-in conditioner

so if you've ever doubted the need for a leave-in conditioner, try this stuff! what i love about VERB is that their products are paraben-free and sulfate-free, but still amazing. spritz this onto damp hair before styling and it will smooth split ends and act as a barrier for heat damage.

colorstay gel envy by REVLON

i am obsessed with nail polish. if you know me, it's no surprise. i am a reformed nail biter and the cure was always keeping my nails polished. it kept me from biting them and i've just continued along with it ever since.  after trying polish after polish, this is my favorite. it dries almost instantly and although it doesn't last the 7 days that it claims, it will last a good 4 days. that's for people like me who are tough on their hands. for anyone else it may last longer. for $16 it can't be beat.  as far as shades, i'm a big fan of high roller.

ecotools brushes

these are the best drugstore makeup brushes. i'm always happy with their blending abilities and something about the bamboo handles just make them feel a little more posh than other brushes at this price point. my favorites are the retractable kabuki brush and the blush brush.

well, that concludes the beauty round-up for now! i may make this a regular thing. it's fun to share my findings. hopefully you found this helpful!