fashion friday : cute summer haircuts

happy friday everybody! i hope you all have some great plans for the weekend. i've decided to do a little feature called 'fashion friday' for my blog. it'll be anything from hairstyles to outfits every, you guessed it, friday. i've been toying with the idea of chopping all of my hair off and in the process i've found so many cute styles that i thought i may as well share some of them with you. i know as both a stylist and client that it always helps to have a picture of what you want so maybe this will be just the inspiration you were looking for! 

the classic bob

nothing fancy here, just your classic one-length bob just above the shoulders. this can be styled with a middle part or side part for some variation and looks great straight or wavy. it's just long enough with careful placement of a few bobby pins you can still put it up and out of your face. big plus!

textured bob with full bangs

omg, i love this cut. always have always will. too bad bangs look like an atrocity on my round face or i would go for it. anyway, for those of you without my unfortunate dilemma, this is a really stylish cut that's again still long enough to put back if needed. it's all about the textured ends for this wavy look. you're stylist will know just what you mean.

pixie with long side swept bangs

why don't ya just chop it aaaall off? i mean, a pixie should probably be on every girl's bucket list.  this version gives you length in the front so that it feels feminine and has a softer look.

chin-length bob

i had my hair this length a couple of years ago and i loved it. it's so liberating to have short hair sometimes. none of that getting caught in zippers or seatbelts mess. just me? okay. anyway, this looks great once again wavy or straight. it's really up to you.

super short textured pixie

let's face it. whoever these ladies hairstylists are, they're killing it. i mean really. this is a gutsy cut, i'm not going to sugar coat it. if you have the nerve, as for a textured super short pixie reminiscent of twiggy.

short asymmetrical cut

this my friends, is the kind of haircut a stylist gets excited about. the daring, offbeat haircut request can be few and far between. this style works with lots of hair textures. it's similar to the long pixie, but this is more dramatic. make sure your stylist leaves one side quite a bit longer than the other and emphasize that you want it piece-y. 

the lob (aka, long bob)

possibly summers hottest cut, the lob is flattering on almost everyone. it bridges the gap between short and long. it works on most any face shape and it's most definitely easy to style. 


and that concludes the summer cut round up! i hope you all enjoyed these styles!



hot hairstyles for spring

warm weather is here and it's time to tame those tresses! spring is a great time to refresh your look whether it be by updating your hairstyle, makeup routine or adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe. getting a haircut instantly revives my interest in styling my hair. i get lazy with my hair if it gets too long and just  blah. adding some highlights, a glaze or a new cut will make you feel so much better and rejuvenated!

if you're on the fence about changing your look (as i often am) maybe these styles will give you the inspiration and nudge you were needing. 

angled lob

wondering what in the world a lob is?  it's essentially a long bob. this look is great if you're somewhat conservative about chopping all of your locks off. it gives your hair shape and body, but leaves those longer pieces in front so that's it isn't too much of a change too quickly.  image via brit + co.

to style this look add a root volumizer and texture spray to damp hair. rough dry with blowdryer and use a 1" curling iron or wand to add waves. take random sections and curl midshaft leaving out the ends for 3-5 seconds. remember, any longer and you'll have curls not waves. 


bob + bangs

ahh, i love this so much! if only my cheeks weren't so full i would totally rock a bang. if you're going for this look just ask your stylist for a textured shoulder length bob and bangs. just really be sure that you're on the same page with your stylist. explain you would like the bang and bob textured as opposed to a blunt cut. also, talk to your stylist about bang length. this looks best if they fall just below your eyebrows. image via nasty gal.

to style, use a root volumizer applied to damp hair along with a texture spray. rough dry hair and use a 1" curling iron or wand to curl the midshaft. be sure to take randomly sized sections and only apply heat for 3-5 seconds. to get the messy look just scrunch hair with your fingers while spraying with a light hold finishing spray. tame any crazy hairs with a wide tooth comb.

long pixie

why not just go ahead and take the plunge? this cut is so stylish and modern. it would be great for a lot of face shapes and hair textures as well. image via pinterest.

to style add volumizing mousse to roots of damp hair. use a vent brush to lift hair at the root while drying. barely wave the ends of hair with a 1-1/2" curling iron or wand. lift hair at bang area and crown and spritz a dry shampoo on the roots. tease slightly for messiness and lift. 

long + layers

have long hair that you're unwilling to part with? ask your stylist to throw some layers in there. for this look, request face framing layers that start at chin-length. image via pinterest.

for volume, add a root lift to damp hair and style with a ceramic round brush. apply vanishing oil to midshaft and ends while hair is still damp. section your hair into three horseshoe sections and begin drying from bottom section upward. finish with light hold hairspray.

one length

this cut is a little more preppy and polished, but still lovely. for this style you'll just really want to ask for a one-length cut just below your shoulders. image via pinterest.

to style, start by adding a smoothing serum to midshaft and ends of damp hair. if you'd like a little oomph add some volumizing mousse to your roots, but it's not a necessity. rough dry turning your head over and focusing at the roots for some natural lift. flip hair back over and finish drying with a paddle or vent brush. smooth ends with a flat iron and spritz a shine spray to finish. 

asymmetrical bob

want something really different? opt for a chin-length asymmetrical cut. talk to your stylist about adding texture and a side bang. this look is best with a mid-length side bang hitting just below the eye. image via keiko lynn.

to style, start with a texture spray on mids and ends of damp hair. spritz a volumizing spray at root area. turn your head over and rough dry focusing at root area. use a 1" curling iron leaving out the ends to get the barely there wave. tuck one side behind your ear to focus on the asymmetrical style of this cut. finish with a light hold texture or finishing spray.

modern shag

this haircut takes us back to the 70s, but in a good way. let your stylist know that you'd like to keep the length, but add lots of layers and textures to achieve a modern version of the shag. your bangs should be long and textured for this look. ask for the length to be just above your eyelids. image via brit + co.

to style just spritz a texture spray on damp hair and rough dry. start waves closer to the root for this look using a 1-1/2" curling iron or wand. spray dry shampoo at roots for lift and finish with light hold finishing spray



messy bun tutorial


two key pieces of advice for achieving the perfect messy bun or topknot: 

1. DO NOT LOOK IN THE MIRROR WHILE STYLING. it sounds odd, but if you're looking in the mirror you'll get the overstyled, perfect, ballerina bun which is not what we're going for. i've watched many a messy bun tutorial and surprisingly i've never heard them mention this. so avoid the mirror at all costs and it'll help you achieve that messy, i don't care look.

2. MAKE SURE YOUR HAIR IS UNWASHED. i usually just skip washing a day and use conditioner only. seriously, don't even try this after just washing your hair. it won't come out right. i've tried and tried, but there are just no styling products that will duplicate unwashed hair. the reason for this, is that unwashed hair has more natural hold and texture. 

what you'll need: 

light hold finishing spray

dry shampoo

comb of some sort

bobby pins

hair ties


1. start with wavy or air dried hair for some texture, then spray roots with volumizing dry shampoo. make sure to spray from a distance or it will give you white roots. (if that happens, the next step will usually make it go away.)

2. begin teasing sections of the mohawk area starting from the front and working your way back. this will give you some volume. 

3. take all of your hair into a high ponytail and secure with hair tie. tease the pontytail for some texture and volume. start twisting and wrapping your ponytail into a bun while securing with bobby pins at the same time. make sure to keep this loose and fun. (and of course don't look in the mirror during this part.) 

4. take your fingers and massage the hair around your face in circles. this will give it the undone, messy look. massaging your hair like this should free up a few pieces around your temples and ears, if not just be sure to leave a few pieces out framing your face for the messy look. 

5. now look in the mirror and adjust as necessary. use the wide tooth part of the comb to smooth out any crazies. then secure the look with a light hold finishing hair spray and there you go! 

 i usually just leave those flyaways that fall down in the back. it just adds to the messiness of it all! i hope this tutorial helped.