10 pinterest recipes to try this summer

we've all been there. maybe you're bored. maybe you have some free time or a day off. whatever the reason, you get a spark of inspiration and decide you want to put your culinary skills to the test at a delicious, albeit kind of intense recipe found on pinterest after waaay too long a browsing sesh. what the hell, you've made a homemade pizza before. how hard could these pan seared scallops with pancetta, pea & mushroom risotto be?  after making your list and writing down maybe twenty-ish ingredients you start to question your decision. but you persevere. you're going to make dinner if it's the last thing you do and your significant other is going to love every bite. you leave the grocery store, head spinning, having spent enough to buy you a weeks worth of groceries under typical circumstances. because who knew scallops weren't in season? not you. 

finally you're home. four hours later your kitchen looks like hurricane andrew made a resurgence from the atlantic and whizzed directly through your townhouse like he had a vendetta or something. all to what end? to find that this recipe was the blandest, yet most expensive meal you've ever schlepped over. you ate crayons in preschool that tasted better.

okay, so maybe we haven't all been through that exactly, but you get the point and to some extent you probably have. so i'm here to save you! here are ten pinterest recipes that are ACTUALLY good!  and easy. and require only a few ingredients. sometimes, simplicity really is best.

COOKIE + kate :

skinny margaritas

don't let the name throw you. these don't taste "skinny". they taste fresh and pack a punch. i personally cannot stand those pre-made fluorescent yellow or green drink mixes they sell in grocery stores. try a fresh squeezed margarita and you'll never go back. in a pinch, i've used honey instead of agave and they turned out great!

pinch of yum : 

red thai curry sauce

i'm a thai food junkie and red curry chicken is my go-to order. i've never been able to recreate it at home though until i stumbled on this recipe. i usually sautee  1lb chicken, red bell pepper, and onion and half a carton of mushrooms together and then add it to the sauce. and serve over rice. 

COOKIE + kate : 

fresh mango salsa

this is great with tortilla chips, as a topping for tacos or served over baked salmon. it's the perfect summer staple.

smitten kitchen :

double chocolate banana bread 

this stuff is heaven. i make this banana bread quite often actually. i somehow always have a couple of bananas lying around that have seen better days and there's no better way to put them to use. it's really good for breakfast, dessert or a snack!

cooking classy : 

avocado hummus

if hummus could be beautiful, this would definitely be beautiful hummus. the creamy texture and color are what caught my eye. my only concern was if this would turn that brown murky color that avocados tend to after a day or two. well friends, i'm on day two and i'm happy to report that it's holding up really well and still looks like a delicious shade of green. 

glorious treats : 

magnolia bakery banana pudding

i made a trifle version of this for a friends wedding shower a while back and it turned out great. the texture was so light and fluffy. it got rave reviews and some people even took some home with them. i'll take that as a compliment!

gimme some oven :

chicken, bacon & avocado chopped salad

this is a great weekday dinner option for someone on the go. it's healthy, yet calls for few ingredients and scores high on the taste charts. i mean anything with bacon and / or avocado is bound to be delicious. ammi right?!

minimalist baker : 

quinoa stuffed peppers

i've had some organic quinoa sitting on my pantry shelf for way too long. that coupled with my no carb kick last week, i decided to give these a shot and boy were they delicious. note, i used chicken broth instead of vegetable to make the quinoa so it had some extra zing. it was a good addition. also, i use pinto beans instead of black beans because i prefer the flavor and i add ground turkey.  these are great for leftovers too!

the cooking jar : 

hash brown egg nests

taste meets convenience. these are so easy to grab on the go for busy mornings! and let's face it that sums up about everyone in america. 




that's it! hope you all are having the very best week. until next time!