a fun autumn weekend

ghostbusters in the park

friday night we grabbed a blanket, a few beers and some snacks to head over to the park for an outdoor viewing of ghostbusters. it was great! i realized that this was actually my first time watching a movie outdoors and hopefully the first of many. it's more fun in some ways than going to a theater because everyone sings along with the theme song or recites their memorized lines along with the actors. you don't have to be as quiet since it's a classic movie everyone has seen a dozen times.

oak glen california

a couple of friends told us about oak glen, ca when we first moved here and we've wanted to go ever since. it's best in fall because there are rows of apple orchards, pumpkin patches, press your own cider stands, hayrides, bee hives, petting zoos and all of the other quintessential autumn activities. it's about an hour and a half or two away from los angeles so it's a really nice getaway from the city. we took along a couple of friends and set out for a mini roadtrip on saturday.

autumn is definitely my favorite season and i really feel like i've relished it this year. i've done some baking, started working on a homemade costume, taken this roadtrip to oak glen and of course the movie in the park.

fresh pressed cider

we're scarfing down some delicious cider while watching some people press their own.  it was really fun and it's amazing how MANY apples it takes to make a gallon of cider. not pictured are the dozens of honey bees swarming around. 

comet the miniature donkey

i have dreams of one day owning a bunch of land and having farm animals - horses, chickens, and now a miniature donkey, obviously. this sweetheart was so cute i had a really hard time saying goodbye!

hawk's head publik house

we decided to try out the most popular and best reviewed restaurant in oak glen. considering this is a tiny town with only a handful of restaurants we weren't totally surprised when the hostess told us it'd be a two hour wait. yes, TWO hours. we put our name down and walked around a few of the farms in the meantime. 

it's a pretty neat place and overall if you visit oak glen i'd say you're not getting the full experience without eating here. the only lighting in the restaurant is the flicker of taper candles on each table and all of the employees are dressed in period costumes. it's an experience for sure.

happy fall!

i hope all of you are having a great fall as well. we've really been enjoying it and i'll be sad to see it go! luckily, christmas is right around the corner and we'll be going home for two and a half weeks so we have that to look forward to. can't wait!