spring wardrobe essentials

i find that when shopping, especially for clothes, it's best to have a list. otherwise, i get completely overwhelmed and either leave with things i already own or nothing at all. odds are if you're going shopping it's because you're wardrobe is lacking in some area so why not make life a little easier and go prepared? 

that being said, the best thing to spend your money on is....wait for it....BASICS. this has taken me a lifetime to learn. literally. i've always had a closet full of nothing to wear and it's because i have always avoided spending my money on plain jane basics. come to find out, they are a lot easier to mix and match to create a variety of outfits than statement shirts with crazy patterns or bright colors. that shouldn't have been that difficult for me to figure out, but it was. so, maybe i can help you get the most out of your wardrobe without fighting the uphill, nothing to wear battle. 


1. every girl needs a basic white blouse. it's the essential of all essentials and can be mixed and matched to no end. find it here.

2. a chambray shirt adds color to an outfit, but is still very versatile and can be paired with everything from florals to neons. find it here

3. some sort of polka dot blouse is necessary in a girl's wardrobe. This shirt would look great tucked into shorts or a skirt. find it here

4. if you are interested in mixing patterns in your outfit, a no brainer would be beginning with a striped shirt. find it here



1. white jeans will change your life. ok, that was dramatic. but, they will add so many options for your wardrobe and help make use of shirts you never wear. find them here

2. i think most people think of florals when they think of spring. at least i do. this is a closet staple that you'll get lots of wear out of. find it here.

3. colored denim will add options to your wardrobe and give you a pop of interest. there are a lot of shirts that just simply look blah with regular denim. find these here.  

4. i know a black pencil skirt doesn't seem like a spring essential, but with the right shirt and shoes it can be great to have. it can be dressed up or down and would look great with any of the above shirts. find it here


1. nude heels are a must. they go with anything and can add that polished touch to any outfit. find these here

2. who says ankle boots have to be just for winter? a neutral ankle boot in a gray or tan will go with anything. find these here

3. it may be your instinct to go with black or nude flats, but metallic flats are fun and act as a neutral that will pair well with basically anything. give them a whirl and add some interest to your outfit. find these here

4. ok, if you're going to invest in any wardrobe essential it should be a basic, everyday pair of sandals. splurge on genuine leather and something of quality in this department. find these here

outfit ideas:

okay, so that's the roundup! you probably already have many of these items in your closet, honestly. if not, i hope this helped. now for the fun part, here are some outfit ideas incorporating each of these basics:

white jeans + striped top

this outfit is so simple, but chic. you can pair virtually any of the shoes in this post with this outfit. you can bring in color either with your accessories or a bright pump that you may already have in your closet. this outfit is from stylecaster.

white jeans + polka dot top + metallic flats or nude heels

so this outfit can easily be duplicated with the essentials in this post. pair a polka dot top with white jeans and either the metallic flats, nude heels or neutral ankle boots mentioned earlier. this image was found via pinterest. 

striped top + floral skirt

i love an outfit with mixed patterns! you can never go wrong with florals and stripes together. just make sure your floral skirt has some of the same tones as the shirt. this image was found via pinterest.

white top + red, pink (or any) colored denim

does lauren conrad ever have a bad outfit? i have yet to see one. she's always so fresh faced and adorable! anyway, pair your white blouse with pink denim and either the nude heels, ankle boots or metallic flats from this post. you can't go wrong. image found via pinterest.

polka dot top + black pencil skirt

whether you opt for a black pencil skirt or midi, this outfit looks great with a classic black and white polka dot top. this is great for work or a lunch date with someone special. image found via pinterest.

white blouse + floral skirt + ankle boots

even thought this outfit has a gray shirt and polka dot skirt which weren't on the list of essentials, we can definitely borrow ideas from it. this outfit can be achieved with the white blouse, floral skirt and ankle boots from the essentials list. i love this look! image found via pinterest.

chambray shirt + black pencil skirt

ahh, i love this look! it's so simple and wearable. i would wear the neutral ankle boots with this outfit for a casual look or black pumps for a dressier occasion. this look was found on ellesappelles

so there are some ways that you can mix and match these wardrobe essentials into super cute, practical outfits. these are some great pieces that can go with you into cooler weather with the right layering as well. now all i want to do is go shopping!