camping trip to the Mojave Desert!

hi ho, hi ho, into the wilderness we go! 

some of our friends wanted to go camping last weekend in Joshua Tree National Park. since it was the same weekend of Coachella and it's apparently prime-time desert season, there were no camping sites available. so we decided to go to the Mojave Desert instead.

everyone else went Friday night, but we weren't able to head out until Saturday. so after a three and a half hour drive on long desolate highways we finally reach our exit. we're there, finally! so we thought. the exit turns into the dirt road and the dirt road turns into another 30 minute long drive. we are in the absolute middle of nowhere! it was definitely the most legit camping i've ever done. it was so much fun though and i'm glad i didn't chicken out! 


if you wanna make these doughy, sugary rounds of deliciousness next time you go camping they're pretty easy. just get a roll of pillsbury biscuits and cut a hole in the center. fry the dough in oil until cooked through and shake in a bag of cinnamon sugar. so simple, but so amazing!

the lava caves

ok, so we drove out even further to the middle of nowhere to these amazing caves that are technically called lave tubes, but caves sounds so much cooler. you know you're in the middle of nowhere when you stop at the one sign of civilization in about fifty-ish miles and when you ask how to get to the caves the guy tells you, "go to mile marker 14 on that highway and you'll see a dirt road." so we did. and there was no sign. I meant road sign, but you could also take that as there was no sign of life, because there wasn't. we drove and drove and drove down this crazy bumpy, deserted dirt road in the desert and gave my little car a run for it's money. then we finally got to the caves! i was halfway doubting whether it would be worth all of the trouble, but it SO was! i've never seen anything like it. 

they are tubes, caves, whatever you wanna call them, formed out of lava from nearby volcanoes that erupted eons ago. they have little holes in the ground that let the most beautiful beams of light shine in. it was just gorgeous. we took about five million pictures.

i can't decide if these pictures look more like album covers or the mothership is calling them home. maybe both? hahaha.

that's pretty much it for our camping trip to the Mojave desert! i hope it was entertaining to look at!