day trip to Ojai!

when ya gotta get out of the city...

i straddle the line between city girl and country girl. there are so many things i love about the city - the openminded-ness, the millions of things to do, the opportunities, the get up and go mentality, the activism (particularly in LA) and the list goes on. howeverrr, i also miss my country raising - the clean air, the simple and slower pace of life, the friendly people and the small town feel of everyone knowing everyone. sometimes the rat race really gets to me. i can only handle being honked at so many times in one week, i mean ya know? 

so, when life starts feeling overwhelming it's time to take a road trip to a small town where i can gather my thoughts and get recharged! a few weekends ago we took a trip to Ojai, California. it's a magical little town nestled in the prettiest mountains ever about an hour or so north of LA. it was also a great time to go because we had a ton of rain this winter and the mountains were SO GREEN!

overall, it was a great weekend getaway and i want to go back and actually spend the night! it's so fun to get out of the daily routine from time to time. hope everyone had a great weekend!