fall's must-have accessory


yep, leopard went from being trendy to a staple in everyone's closet in a matter of a few years. and i'm ok with that! i say every girl needs to invest in a leopard clutch for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. you'll get a ton of use out of it and it'll go with damn near everything. 

leopard + chambray + pencil skirt

great for a night out or even a work day. 

plaid button up + statement necklace + leopard clutch

image via prosecco & plaid

my goodness i just love mixed patterns. especially leopard print and plaid, there's just something so perfect about it. plus, plaid is quintessential autumn attire.

jumper + leopard clutch

yes, please. i know it's past labor day and there's an age old rule about not wearing white pants. there's also an age old saying that rules were made to be broken! ammiright?!

flowy blouse + wide leg trousers + leopard clutch

see above comment.

blazer + tee + leather mini + leopard clutch

in my last post i believe i said something about every girl needs a leather mini in her closet. case in point, ladies. 

blazer + tee + ripped jeans + leopard clutch

comfy casual all the way. actually maybe the blazer makes it dressy casual? is that a thing?

fur + leopard clutch

ok, so i guess this is more late fall because typically it's not cold enough for fur, but i couldn't leave this beauty out of the mix. 

comfy sweater + leopard clutch + red lip

image via color me courtney

just perfect. and her blog is insanely adorable.

jean jacket + stripes + leopard clutch

stripes and leopard print go together like sprinkles and frosting.

flowy blouse + strappy heels + leopard clutch

this is a great combination of colors. i love all the neutrals and the way the ripped jeans give the outfit an edge.

all images are found via pinterest unless otherwise noted.

well everyone, i hope you guys like fall as much as me because for the next two months i'll be posting non-stop autumn related things i'm pretty sure. i hope you all had a fantastic weekend!