fashion friday : how to layer for fall

in most places autumn can be a tricky time of year to dress for. a lot of times it will be cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon and chilly in the evenings. the best thing to do is layer your outfits in a way that lets you adjust for the changing temperatures. plus, layers just look cool. duh!



if you have a dress from the warmer months that you're just not ready to part with just yet, don't even worry. you can always layer a blazer over it and pair it with some booties for fall! i love the subtle colors of this outfit.

crop top it

throw on a crop top over your favorite summer dress to make it fall appropriate. or put a crop over a collared blouse for a really interesting look. 


i have a recent developed love for vests. i wear them all the time these days. they are just so versatile and make your outfit look so much more polished and put together! wear a flowy vest over your favorite tee or blouse and if it gets too hot you can always shed a layer.

collared shirts

i think we've probably all worn this sweater-over-collared-shirt combo before, but if not maybe this is just the inspiration you were looking for. one idea maybe you haven't tried is layering this look over a fitted skirt. the look on the left is so cute.

lightweight scarves

a scarf looks good layered over so many different outfits! this dress would be super boring without the pop of color and texture this scarf adds. wear them over dresses or combined with your favorite cardigan and jeans. the options are endless!

all images via pinterest, kendi everyday and little blonde book.