last minute costume ideas

happy halloween everyone!

i thought it might be helpful to post some last minute halloween costume ideas for any of you that may be down to the wire. the worst feeling is when you have a party to go to and the aisles at target and party stores are completely ransacked. these costumes are super quick and require items that most of us already have in our closet.


the party animal

every girl has a leopard shirt in their closet, right? throw on some red lipstick and a party hat and call yourself a party animal! if you feel like going all out, you can make some animal ears from craft paper and glue them on. so easy and cute!


bank robbers

another one that really just requires some wardrobe basics. pair a white and black striped shirt with black pants and a beanie for this costume. use an old black t shirt to cut into a robber mask. paint some dollar signs on canvas tote bags and you're good to go!


the airhead

ok, if you thought the other two were easy, this one is a real breeze. get some colorful balloons and tie them to a headband. just add some bright clothing and you're done! duuuuh!




wednesday addams

 if you don't have a dress with a white collar you can always make one out of posterboard or cardstock and tape it to a black dress. or even add a collared shirt under a black dress. easy peasy!



classic cat

when all else fails, there's nothing wrong with a good ole classic. it's all about the makeup with this one! in a pinch you can use black eyeliner for the whiskers and nose. no need for face paint. make sure to wear red or pink lipstick and an all black outfit!